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A ira de Narciso

Sept 14 - 15 at the building 40 theater

09/09/2019 - 09h02

2019_09_03-pucrs_cultura-agenda-a_ira_de_narcisomarcelo_almeidaOn Sept 14 – 15, at 7 PM, the theater of building 40 of PUCRS will be home to São Paulo production A ira de Narciso, directed by Yara de Novaes. The event is featured in the 26th edition of Porto Alegre em Cena at the theater of Building 40. Tickets are available to the PUCRS community at the price of BRL 80.00 on uhuu.com or at Shopping Total.

Drawing insights from Sergio Blanco’s self-fiction perspective, the first-person monologue reports the author’s life in the city of Ljubljana, where he was invited to give a lecture on Narcissus. Being set in the luxurious room 228 of the hotel where the author is staying, the play depicts the final moments of preparation for this conference as it tells us about the different encounters with a Slovenian boy he had just met. After he finds a bloodstain on the carpet, the story takes a different turn as he shifts from the accounts of professional travel and love affairs to an obscure and unusual thriller. The play blends lecture, and confession, in a fascinating and risky journey that takes spectators into a confusing maze of self, language, and time.


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14/09/2019 until 15/09/2019

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