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August brings with special program at MCT

Visitors entitled to 50% off on Father's Day

08/08/2019 - 09h13

museu2_foto-bruno-todeschiniIn celebration of Father’s Day, the Science and Technology Museum has put together special activities for August. The Minute of Science: Genius Fathers shows active animal fathers taking care of their babies.

On Aug 11, all visitors will be entitled to a 50% deduction on admission fares. For information and registration, please contact the MCT at [email protected].

Check out the complete program here

  •  Aug 8 – 11 – at 3:30 PM – Minute of Science: Genius Fathers

Devotion for babies is not an exclusive trait of humans. In order to survive and ensure the reproductive success of their species, several animals take care of their offspring from birth to adult life. No age restrictions

  • Aug 10 – from 1:30 PM to 5 PM – Genius Saturday: Weather and Meteorology?

An afternoon filled with experiments and discoveries specially designed for adventurous young scientists aged 7-12. Find out about the mysteries of weather and learn about the science behind weather forecast by building your own weather device. There are limited seats. Admission: $ 70.00. Further information can be found here.

  • Aug 10 – at 2 PM – Eugênio’s Stories

Eugênio, the Museum’s mascot, loves to tell stories. He loves adventures filled with lots of information, learning experiences and discoveries. Now is the time to listen to great stories in an unforgettable afternoon. This activity has been planned for children aged up to six years old. They will be admitted in the presence of a parent or guardian.

  • Aug 23 – at 3 PM – Minute of Science: Our Ancestors

Visitors to the Museums will have the chance to find out about the production techniques of ancient civilizations and be delighted to learn about by their habits, traditions and culture. No age restrictions

  • Aug , 23 – 25 – at 3:30 PM – Minute of Science: Genius Illusion

This activity gives you the chance to find out how the eyes can deceive the brain in the formation of images in an effort to discover how human vision works. No age restrictions.

  • Aug 27 – at 11 AM – Minute of Science: City Owls

The owls we see in our city play a key role in controlling urban populations. This activity gives you the chance to interact with specimens available at the Museum’s Ornithology laboratory. No age restrictions.

  • Aug 27 – from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM – Genius Age: Plastics and our planet

The widespread use of plastic is one of the major environmental challenges of our century. The problem is that only 9% of the plastic that is produced is recycled. So, from 8 to 13 million tons of plastic are thrown into the oceans. This is a serious threat to marine life. This activity aimed at people aged 60 +. There are limited seats. Admission fee: $ 20.00. For further information about the event and registration, click here.


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08/08/2019 until 27/08/2019

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