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Check out the hours of operation of the University’s services and departments

Several services and other activities have been altered or suspended

18/03/2020 - 13h16

Photo: Bruno Todeschini

PUCRS’ Main Campus congregates several services, activities and facilities for several thousands of people every day. Following the recommendations of official health agencies, some adaptations have been made to the University’s services in an effort to protect the community and the people who travel within the areas of the University.

The hours of operation of the academic structures and other services have been altered and / or suspended for the general community. Similarly, events and activities on campus have been suspended as well. Find out more:

Suspended activities

Science and Technology Museum: closed. All exhibits and educational activities are suspended until Apr 12.

Institute of Culture: all activities scheduled for March have been cancelled. Arnaldo Antunes’ concert has been postponed until August.

Sports Park: closed as of Mar 18.

Pastoral and Solidarity Center: Passion Play has been canceled; volunteer activities, masses at the University Church, Marist Youth Pastoral groups, Querência Pastoral and Marist initiation meetings have been suspended. Similarly, the activities of meditation study group and practices have been suspended as well. Meditation days and the volunteer presentation meetings have been postponed.

PUCRS Careers: no face-to-face service as of Mar 19 until classes resume. The office will be available at pucrscarreiras@pucrs.br.

New hours of operation 

Main Library: from Monday to Friday, from 7:35 AM to 6 PM.

Student Services Center: from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Tecnopuc: only security and reception services. Sanitary measures for the protection of its personnel have been enforced. All face-to-face meetings involving managers as well as events have been suspended.

Universidade Aberta da Terceira Idade: all activities have been postponed.

PUCRS STORE: partially open until 6 PM.

Office for International Cooperation: partially open, until 6 PM.

Academic Activities

Undergraduate students: classes will be delivered online through Moodle.

Graduate students: qualification exams and theses / dissertation defenses will be delivered online.

Certificate students: classes have been suspended until Apr 12.

Extension program students: classes are temporarily suspended. As soon as the new academic calendar is available, students will be notified by email. Keep your information updated!

Updates and orientations on coronavirus (Covid-19) will be available on our channels.